Another mistaken identity

 Faithful readers may remember the Vincent Incident

Well, here's a problem that's been cropping up for the past year and a bit: there's a woman in Canada who shares my first initial and last name.  And who apparently thinks we share an email account on gmail (which... no.  I've had that email acount since you had to get someone to invite you to create an account waaaay back in 2004, nearly 20 years ago).

I've done everything I can: I found her street address (thanks to tickets she purchased for a trip) and mailed her.  I've sent all the emails I get from banks and others to spam.  I've emailed friends she's wired monety to via Western Union (yes, that's still a thing).  Nothing seems to be working. 

At least once a day I get something for her, mostly spam but sometimes an emailed receipt for an online purchase.  I have no idea what she's giving these vendors and I'm not energized enough to contact them and tell them to stop emailing me because that actually won't stop it.  It's not like she'll purchase something, give them my email address and their systems will say "whoops!  sorry - you're bugging poor Lazygal in the US - try again".

I'm just me, your average Lazygal, trying to live her lazy life.  And now she's intruding.  Bah!

But also - doesn't she notice she's not getting these emails and do something about it???  How stupid is she?????

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