I feel so old

Last night I was watching John Heilman host Dateline: White House and he used (not for the first time) "language".  Language my mother would not approve of, language that still somewhat shocks me when I hear it on television (including on so-called premium cable; I'm old enough to remember when cable meant getting more than the two channels we got using an antenna back in SmallVillage).

Don't get me wrong: I swear like a something

And no, Mom didn't approve.

Still, when the "Hush" episode of Buffy aired, I was a little surprised by scenes like this:

.  And then the opening credits had this:

(Note: I'm not including Hawkeye's use of "dreck" in M*A*S*H because that wasn't exactly a commonly known swear word).

But when Heilman used "bullshit"?  I know times have changed.  I know we're all grownups.  I know he could say worse (Charlie Sykes got scolded for using "dick" as in "dick pic" recently - not sure that's exactly worse!).  Still, it made me feel old.

Swearing, at least when I was growing up, was transgressive.  Not something you hear on the evening news.  At 5pm.  Even before "family hour".  I guess I'm wrong.


Chuck Miller said...

You must have missed earlier this year when Nicolle Wallace called the Republicans "chickenshit" live on MSNBC. Without even flinching.

Lazygal said...

She kisses Mike Schmidt with that mouth?!

(and obviously I missed that - or this post would have been a few weeks? months? ago)