This could have gone with my last post but... 

A great number of books have song lyrics as titles.  I'm looking at you, Rainbow Rowell's Carry On and Wayward Son, among many many others.  We decided to do a display of books that provided us with earworms that had nothing to do with the book, but the title sure brought back memories.  

We also created a Spotify playlist to acquaint students with the songs we oldies "heard" when we read the title.  Early on, my assistant wanted to include Taylor Swift's Bad Blood while I insisted on Neil Sedaka

And then there was the book If I Ever Get Out of Here.  On our spreadsheet, it said "Band on the Run" and "Wings".  My assistant, in charge of creating the playlist, had a question: did we want the Wings version, or the "Wings ft Paul McCartney" version?


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