Did I break some year-end mirror?

The past six years have been really difficult between Thanksgiving and New Year's, all in different ways but adding up to the question in the title: was there some mirror I broke?  and if so, will 2022 be the last of this?  To recap:

2016: Thanksgiving Day, we have to bring Mallory in to the vet for the last time.  A week later, my eye problems start up and I spend the first week of Winter Break coping with the effects of an IV steroid treatment.

2017: Trip to Dublin, interrupted by the effects of Prednisone, followed by The Cough That Ate Winter Break, leading to bruised ribs.

2018: Mom's last month, and then, on New Year's, we lost her.

2019: One year since Mom, plus effects of all the CRION meds over the years (muscle weakness, some fine motor control issues)

2020: Month someteenth of the Longest Academic Year Ever.  No Break, just working to keep things going from afar.

2021: An SVT episode sends me to the ER; 11 hours later I'm released (luckily, because the option was to spend the night on a gurney in the ER hallway).  Fingers tripled crossed that this is it for the "holiday" season.


Notable Quotes

 "I'll help you with whatever diplomatic niceties we need." Claire's voice curdled a little at the idea, but her gaze narrowed in Hero and Rami's direction.  "But there's something else we can do in the meantime."

Hero leaned in toward Rami and pitched his voice at a false whisper that would carry.  "Why is it when a librarian says 'we' I hear 'you lot' and when she says 'something else' I hear 'ludicrous peril'?"

The God of Lost Words,  A. J. Hackwith