Blog diet

Yes, this blog went on a bit of a diet.  Back in 2019, the Little Professor looked at 16 years of her blog and made some big changes.  I'd planned to do the same, but, well, COVID.  But now, with real time off, it was the perfect time to shed those excess posts.

        July 1, 2021


Deleted: Links Galore and Digital Detritus posts, Memes/Quizzes, To Do Lists,  Imponderables, and many miscellaneous posts that ranted or pointed to things that no one (least of all me) cares about now, but possibly may have in the moment.

And after all that.... we ended up here:

It's kind of amazing how little (IMVHO) has staying power.


JES said...

With you on this . . . as another way-(too?)-long-time blog scribbler, I find that invoking The Destroyer every few years makes for a much better overall website over the long haul. (And my sense is that Google and other search engines like it better in terms of search results when it's leaner too). See:


Lazygal said...

I agree! To me it's also a good reason to go back and see what really has "staying power". That list of links to websites, etc.? Probably half are dead by now. Listing books read and linking to their reviews? Still on the fence, since I do review a wide variety of books. Etc. I'm less worried about SEO and more about whether it either matters or is functional any longer.

Obviously, for some bloggers, TMMV.

philosophymom said...

Wow! Impressed.