Because I am so powerful

 You've read about my predictions vis-à-vis COVID, and today I informed my staff that because everything revolves around me, I was concerned.

Remember Katrina?  Well, a friend of mine had a library that was destroyed by the flooding, so at MFPOW we sold discarded books for $.25 to help raise money.  Two years later, we had $500, which I sent down in AmEx Gift Cards.  Shortly after they arrived... the library at MPOW burned down.  Poof! 

New Orleans is just coming out of having Ida pass through.  My original thought was that maybe, because MPOW is building a new library, we'd be ok.  So imagine what I went through when I looked up from a meeting and saw a fire truck, lights flashing, in front of the building and another one arrive with lights flashing and siren wailing.

Excuse me, I think I hear a Seconal calling...

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