Conversations with my father

Background: Despite being told by the Important University that no one should travel to come to graduation, my father was "invited" by his friend to attend her son's leaving law school this past week  Since it was extremely close to where I live, I got to see him and he got to see my new apartment.  We'd gone to lunch and had a nice walk and were sitting talking when he got up to go to the bathroom...

Dad: You don't use [brand of toilet paper] do you?

Me: No, we don't.

Dad: I like it.  It's quilted.  And Consumer Reports rates it highly.

Me: [Our brand] doesn't clog our pipes.

Dad: Oh, [other brand] is good about not doing that, too, according to Consumer Reports.

Me: I think ours has more sheets per roll.

Dad: Well, I wouldn't know about that.  

Me: ...

Later, Thing One asked if he'd dreamt the conversation.  I only wished I had.

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