Yesterday I went in to work and because I had brought some boxes with me, I parked behind the library rather than in a regular parking space.  To get where I parked, I took a small service-type road that led to a space near two dumpsters, in between three buildings.  It's a service road used by a few faculty and anyone with deliveries to those buildings or emptying the dumpsters.

Teachers and students also use it to get from several other buildings to the main road, parking lots and two other buildings.  They're on foot.

Got the picture? Cars/trucks going in and out, people on foot going in and out.

As I'm—slowly—making my way down this road, along comes a teacher.  Engrossed in her phone.  I stop the car.  I wait.  They never look up.  When they're about 10 feet from the car, I finally honk.  They, startled, look up.  And then look annoyed that I was there, breaking their concentration.

Next time, I'll let them walk into my car.  I could use a new hood ornament.

Moral: If you're on a paved road-like surface that is occasionally used by motor vehicles, pay attention.

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