I'm not ready

Have I mentioned I moved?  There's still one (or maybe two) installments from that series to come, but this post is less about that and more about the times in which we live.

MPOW closed in mid-March, following state guidelines.  Things have been closed here to varying degrees since then, slowly opening up and sometimes backtracking on that.  Work has been mostly remote for over a year, with the department rotating time in the building with time at home.  And I confess, I've let things go.

As have many people in my situation, I've taken to wearing my pj's 95% of the time.  Yes, even when working remote.  Before you start fantasizing, know that my pjs come in two flavors: summer (old undershirts of Thing One's and shorts) and winter (sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirts).  Very sexy, no?  And from there... well, it's a short jump to not shaving my legs, bleaching/plucking errant hair on my face, getting mani/pedis.

Two weeks ago I got my second shot (Pfizer, if anyone cares—minimal reaction).  And a restaurant nearby reopened for dining in.  And was offering 50% off to people from my building.  So Thing One and I decided, why not?  We both had our shots, they were being careful with capacity, etc..  It felt like a return to something resembling normal.  

I put on real clothes for the first time in a few weeks.  We walked the few blocks to the restaurant and had a lovely dinner.  We walked back.  Normal.

However, I haven't taken care of the "personal grooming" items yet.  And now the big question for me is: how ready am I really to go out in public

I'll post a photo of my newly painted toes when I am. 

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