Not at all suspicious

 So, here we are, three weeks post-FBI raid.The BMW is still gone.  The Camero? Still poorly parked, although I hear that the Board wants to tow it (apparently private roads are different than city streets, so that's not easy to do).  

By the end of Week One, he'd replaced the lock on his front door.  It took another week for the lock on his mailbox to be replaced.  Yes, he's still there... music thud thud thudding away.  Haven't heard him and his girlfriend, though.  So that's good.

Early this morning (like, 4:40am early) when my bladder was making itself known to my brain, I heard his door open.  Footsteps down the hall.  Elevator doors opening/closing, elevator descending and the doors opening/closing again.  The front door to the building opening and closing.  Then... nothing.

But (you knew this was coming) on my way back to bed, as I opened the window shade for The Herd's Early Morning Patrol, I saw a car with lights on down the street.  And there, standing at the driver's window, was our neighbor.  Talking.  In the cold misty rain.  For over 20 min.  Loudly enough that Thing One heard voices through his window.  

Then the process reversed itself, he returned to his apartment.  And by 7:15 his music was back on.  

Nope.  Not at all suspicious.

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