Chapter Two

 In which Our Heroine needs to get her act together.

So, we have an apartment.  And a date on which we're picking up the keys and remote for the garage.  Now we need to get movers scheduled and find another, closer, storage unit for things like my Very Well Stocked Workbench.

Oh, yeah.  And pack.  And before packing, weeding the closet and organizing/throwing away all the various papers and deciding if any books will not make the move with me.  You know, the important pre-moving/pre-packing stuff.

And yet.

It's a four day weekend.  And I'm here, blogging.  And watching the impeachment trial.  And reading.  And streaming a theatre performance.  And thinking "I really could get my bedroom stuff organized for the move."


Not actually doing.

To be continued...

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