A Little Too Exciting

 The past two mornings have been a little more exciting than I'm used to and have me dreading tomorrow!

Wednesday at 3:10am, my Big Girl ran into my room, chattering up a storm.  I tried to get her to cuddle with me, but she jumped down and ran back to the living room/kitchen.  Then she ran back, jumped up into bed and began bouncing around.  Slowly becoming alert, I opened my eyes to see something black fly up to the pillow end--she pounced on it and tossed it back down the bed.  

Ok, time to turn on the light and Oh.My.God. There's A Newly Dead Mouse In My Bed (well, most of a newly dead mouse).  I raced into Thing One's room and woke him up asking him to please, please take care of it.  Meanwhile, lounging on the living room couches are the other members of the Herd, looking pissed that we'd woken them up.  

This is the third mouse she's caught in our apartment.  They've only been around since our next door neighbor moved in so...

Speaking of that neighbor, he's been a bit of an odd duck.  We hear the constant thud of EDM (specifically Russian EDM), and he can often be heard yelling in Russian (or some such language) on the phone.  He owns a pit bull-type dog, but is pretty good about keeping him on a short leash when anyone else is around.  A few months ago he moved his prize Camero from our garage parking to street parking (and parked about 1' from the curb, making plowing the street a pain, plus it's in a prime spot for moving vans, delivery trucks, ambulances [we get a lot of those] so even more of a pain) to make way for a tricked out BMW with no plates.  Hmmmm....

This morning, at 5:45am, a thud woke me up, followed swiftly by my Baby Girl running into my room and burrowing under my blankets.  Then Thing One walked in, saying that he'd heard noise in the hall, a thud and the immortal words: Lie down, hands above your head.  FBI. Looking outside, there were five (or so) Escalades with flashing lights parked on our very short street.  More thuds. Sounds of moving and shifting. Oddly, nothing from the dog.  

90 min later, when I left for work, there were no Escalades on the street, but his door looked as though it wasn't fully closed.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow morning's antics!

ETA: they're still in the apartment, drilling and using a crowbar to remove the paneling and cabinets he installed.

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SassyLibrarian said...

I guess the positive is all those bookcases are bound to be an extra barrier if bullets start flying, yes?