They lied!

 Last week I posted this to Instagram:

I mean, really!  Wasn't 2021 supposed to be the "good twin"?  And yet... it's more like 2020 dared the new year to be bigger and badder.  Consider the evidence:

  • In addition to the continued rise in COVID cases and deaths, the vaccine rollout has been botched in many locales.
  • Our election was "stolen" (or was it? depends on your political views)
  • A mob, spurred on by the President and members of Congress, not to mention Crazy Uncle Rudy, invaded the Capitol building.  Sedition?  Insurrection? Both?  It's still shocking that there are some who think that this was kinda No Big Deal and we should all just try to get along. 
And the icing on this particular shitcake?  My landlady is selling the apartment and wants us out ASAP (our lease runs through July).  So in addition to shepherding 600 students through the research process and calming teachers anxious about all-digital resources, and trying to avoid COVID until I can get the vaccine, I now have to find someplace new to live and pack up the apartment, and unpack on the other end.  No, I'm not comparing my rather trivial problem to what's going on in the greater world, I'm just saying... they lied.  

The upside is that there are only 356 days until 2022.

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