In which Our Heroine discovers that she's soon to be homeless.

In 2015, when I moved from my last school to the current one, I also needed to move residences.  After a few trips to see apartments ranging from "frat boy chic" to "I'm too old to live like a 20-something" and finally to ones I could see myself in.  My current abode has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a basement garage and an elevator; the building is <20 years old and was built for "residents of a certain age... less aged than the ones you'll see being picked up by ambulance all the time next door"  The walls are quite thin, and when my neighbors sneeze, I want to say "bless you" and hearing one neighbor who enjoys his girlfriend's, um, company a little too noisily has been a highlowpoint of my stay here.

So the great apartment hunt began.  I want two bedrooms, two bathrooms, indoor garage and wall space for the bookcases, while Thing One wants a good kitchen set up.  Neighborhood / proximity to work is also critical: I don't want to live where the drive will make me cranky every morning, and it would be great to not live in an area devoid of any amenities, like a grocery store.  You'd think that wouldn't be that difficult to find in a major city, right?


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