Chapter One

 In which Our Heroine agonizes over which apartment to choose.

To quote Andie McDowell, I'm not a fussy person.  Ok, maybe I am a little.  I mean, I'm officially heading from middle to old age, and my five year plan includes retirement so, yes, a little fussy.  And now I'm going to be looking for a new apartment. 

First, what do I require?  Two bedrooms, minimum.  Two full bathrooms.  Not near the elevator or the garbage area.  Room for the bookcases.  And an elevator would be nice.  1100sqft minimum. Covered parking. Thing One requires a good kitchen, preferably one with a gas range.  Ready? Let's go hunting.

Believe it or not, it's more difficult than you'd think to find something like that.  We found apartments that had the right bedrooms and bathrooms, but were around 900sqft.  Nope.  There was one 1000sqft three bedroom, but two of the bedrooms had a gorgeous view of a brick wall and the master bedroom was in the neighboring roof deck's line of sight.  Nope.  There was a great possibility but there were game rooms on every floor (hint: young people live here) and it wasn't near much in the way of shopping, unless you're a huge Home Depot fan.

Then, based on a hint from the guy who showed us the Brick Wall Home, I looked in an entirely new neighborhood, one I hadn't considered before.  And there, on the waterfront, was a building that looked promising.  We asked for a tour.  Of the four apartments, one made my heart sing.  Maybe not enough wall space for all the bookcases, but the 8' ones would fit.  The bedrooms were nice.  Gas range.  Balcony overlooking the harbor.  Underground garage.  Near the T.  Not far from shopping.  Hmmm.....

But wait, there were three more apartments to look at.  So who knows, right?  Two were definitely in the "I'm making a good salary but just got out of college" mold, emphasized by the exhortation to refer our friends to get a rent reduction (most of my friends own, or live on campus).  And then, the final apartment.  Good layout, if a little odd in places (like a small closet in the master, but a huge one in the second?).  Electric stove.  Underground parking.  But right in the middle of Cute Suburb, with lots of restaurants and shopping and near the T and an easy commute to work.  Hmmmm....

For the next 24 hours I agonized.  Weighed pros and cons.  Talked with friends, who were not helpful (because they saw the same pros and cons and couldn't weigh things differently than I was). Agonized some more: go with my head (Cute Suburb) or heart (Harbor View)???

I went with my heart.  We've now signed 31 documents agreeing to not smoke, to grill only on the complex's grills, to call if we need exterminating, etc..  Move in will start on March 1, and we'll be done with Current Apartment by March 31.  Why then?  Because Spring Break. 

To be continued...

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