A Lazy Year in Review

Last year, Chuck pointed his blog's readers to this post.  It struck me as a great way to think about my year, sharing some of what's gone on with you, my faithful reader (or readers... I'm ever hopeful that not everyone has deserted the blog!). Then, just as I was working on this post, Meredith posted about her year and I decided to combine the two.

On the Blog:

I've been trying to blog more this year (not because of COVID and lockdown, but just because), and this makes the 56th post on the blog this year, up from 32 in 2019 and 27 in 2018. It is still a lot less than the 111 I posted in 2010 and a far cry from the 375 of 2008 (yikes!  I've been blogging a long time...) .

So which posts caught readers' fancies this year? Here are the five most popular 2020 posts:
There were even some older posts that also received attention: 
Obviously Meredith (not just for this post!).  But also Sara, Courtney, Kelsey, the AISL and ISS and CLA Librarians, Laura, Beth, Joanna, my father, Wendy S., David, Corey, Anne, Terri, Thing One, Thing Three, Ebit and so many more. 

Around the Web:
I've discovered a few new sites this year that have amused me and/or kept me sane during this crazy year.  Maybe they'll do the same for you? Poorly Drawn Lines, Arrant Pedantry and Linguist Laura

Whelp.  Hmmm... not much.  There were plans to go to Providence RI, Portland ME, Chicago IL, Denver CO and Lisbon (Portugal).  Those got cancelled. As has January's trip to Indianapolis.  I did manage to go to my father's a couple of times. 

I confess:: I've been listening to far too much "comfort" music this year (haven't we all?).  While working both at home and at work I've had the good fortune to be able to listen to my iPod and ignore the world around me.  Forget the savage beast, it sootheth the fretful Lazygal.  Who?  kd lang, Rachid Taha, Coeur de Pirate, Noir Silence, Julia Haltigan, the Puppini Sisters, Camille O'Sullivan, Postmodern Jukebox and random other songs and albums in my collection.

Live Performances and Art Exhibitions:
None.  Anything I've seen has been streamed, because COVID.  Sybarite 5 did a wonderful winter concert, and Camille O'Sullivan's At Home Lockdown "gig" gave me hope.

Obviously, my Year-End Round-up has the statistics and links.

Films/TV Series:
Great British Baking Show, Derry Girls, Lucifer, New Tricks, Boarderland (aka Sorjonen), Call My Agent (aka Dix Pour Cent), The Heart Guy, Full Bloom, Tea with the Dames, 

In addition to listening to music while I work, I finally got to listen to podcasts (with a 15min commute, it's very difficult to do while driving... but when WFH, well...) Three on the Aisle, You Must Remember This, Hell and High Water, The Oath, and Chuck's radio show (technically not a podcast). 

And Then . . .  small moments of joy
My weekly Zoom with my father, sister, niece, aunt and cousins... spending time with The Herd, who calm me down when I'm stressed... reading... Heather Cox Richardson's morning eletter... random comments from students that show we've connected...

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