As God Is My Witness (aka A Different Thanksgiving)

For several years now, my usual Thanksgiving plans have included a trip to Montreal, where I've taken advantage of les soldes de vendredi fou at some of my favorite shops.  My Thanksgiving meal is taken at Taverne Dominion, where their tonique maison (and Hendricks) and duck confit are a nod to the celebrations going on down south.

This year, of course, that wasn't going to happen.  Finding a place that could provide a Thanksgiving take-away meal became important.  And rather than shopping, I'll watch what Wired magazine calls the Best Thanksgiving Episode ever.  

If you didn't get a chance to tape it, here's the clip that elevates this above all other episodes:


Five years ago

Five years ago my then-oldest, Mallory, was unable to walk on one leg and got a trip to the emergency room.  It turned out that he was mostly blind, and had likely thrown a blood clot... the next day we went back to the hospital and did the right thing for him, sending him to eternal sleep surrounded by my loving arms.  I know that the other "mantle" cats were there, waiting for him.  

A week later I noticed there was something a little different with my vision in my left eye.  No trip to an ER, but an emergency trip to an ophthalmologist and then a quickly arranged visit to the neuroopthamologist... many blood tests and two MRIs later, we had a diagnosis of CRION.  Since then I've taken a lot of Very Serious Medications, and finally my eye went into remission.  There could always be a relapse, and I live in fear of COVID triggering one.  

The past five years have been a struggle: the pandemic and all the attendant restrictions and the endless Zoom calls have made what should be relief at my recovery difficult to achieve.  One could even say that I'm struggling, mentally, to cope with it all.  Yet underneath that is an underlying gratitude that things aren't worse... that I've been able to receive the best medical care, that The Herd is still here and cuddling, that I have a job and loving friends and family.

Five years.  So long, and yet so short.


Spam or not?

This could be a new twist on an old game, or it could be legit and someone messed up.  

First of all, my name is not Linda.  Second, I don't deal with the bank referenced.  Third, Canadian funds?

Years ago, I discovered that someone had deposited money into my American Express account.  The scam went that they'd "prepay" and then use a PIN to withdraw the money before the check bounced.  Luckily I discovered it before too much damage was done.

So, is this a version of that?  Or is it a way to get me to contact them and thus give over information?  Or is it someone with my last name, first name Linda, who legitimately oopsed on the email as they tried this transfer?  We'll never know because I've flagged it as spam and am deleting it right away.

ETA: it's spam.  four other attempts have been made in the past 15 min. to different people from "my" account.