Spam or not?

Today in my email I found the following message:

My first thought?  Wow, those spammers are getting creative.  I never took out a student loan, and college ended 35+ years ago. But later in the email it says

And it really looks official.  Which made me think... I know I'm not the only one out there with my name.  I'm not even the only one out there with my first name, middle initial and last name.  Maybe in the UK there's a mirror me, living my Best British Life (albeit one laden with college loans).

So, you decide: spam?  or not?

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Chuck Miller said...

There is an old joke that everyone in the world has a twin that thinks and does exactly the same as he or she. I once found out I had a twin, and tried to call him. But every time I called, the line was busy.