No kits needed

A few years ago, my father fell and hurt himself, giving my sister and me an opportunity to see what my parents were actually eating.  Spoiler alert: it wasn't great.  Lots of Lean Cuisine and a few other things, nothing really homecooked.  So we got busy making food, buying containers, and filling the freezers and fridge with more nutritional meals.

Then I and Thing One went up for a long weekend, bringing cooking supplies with us so we could get as much done as possible in a short time.  Plus we weren't sure what my parents had at home.  Then we tried to give my father recipes for the food we'd cooked.  That went well:

Me: So, Dad, a vodka sauce is just a tomato-based spaghetti sauce mixed with an alfredo spaghetti sauce...

Dad: What's the ratio?

Me: Depends on your taste.  You could go 50/50, or if you want more tomato, 60/40, etc..

Dad: What did you do?

Me: I like a little more alfredo, so I did roughly 60/40 that way

Dad: "Roughly"?  You didn't measure?

Me: No... I went by how pink it was...

Dad: And you bought [brand name]?

Me: It doesn't matter what brand.  Thing One sometimes gets [alternate brand] with roasted garlic.

Dad: But I should get the [brand name] and do 50/50 with [brand name] alfredo?

Me: bangs head into wall 

Later, after Mom died, my sister and I thought he could try a food kit.  After all, it's pretty foolproof since they give you exact instructions and exact ingredients.  He seems to like them, and it's become a weekly thing for him and his girlfriend (lady friend?  companion?) to make a kit and have dinner together.  

Last weekend Thing One and I went back to pick up an armoire I'd been coveting for a number of years, one that Dad didn't like and Mom loved.  Since she's no longer around to object, he was happy to have it out of the house and I was happy to have it in my bedroom.  He also thought it'd be So. Much. Fun. for us to make a meal for the four of us using the kits.  Thing One and I grumbled, but did it.  Then Dad suggested maybe we'd want to get a subscription ourselves?  He'd be happy to give a gift or two...

Here's what dinner Chez Lazygal looks like when we're not "scrounging":

(veal scaloppini on lettuce with 
butternut squash risotto and parmesan asparagus)

(chicken breast in a pepper/caper sauce 
on sautéed scallions and potatoes)

(frittata with "leftover vegetables")

No kits used.  Or needed.  









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