I think someone's desperate

Yesterday I was checking one of my email accounts, the one I reserve for my financial, health and insurance related emails.  It's great to know what when I get a message from my "bank" or "credit card company" in another account that it's phishing because the real companies only have this one account on file.

Anyway, in my mail was a letter saying that I'd been selected for a Double Entry:

One of his top supporters? Really?? Um, that's a hard no.  I have never contributed to his campaign (and any contributions to any campaign would not be linked to this email account).  And I have never heard of anyone winning one of his contests.  And capitalizing Friend is just wrong—even Richard Nixon, a Quaker himself, wouldn't have used that in an email.

I wasn't born yesterday and I haven't fallen off of any turnip trucks.  Sorry, Donnie. Don't worry, though, I'll be watching you lose your debates... from the comfort of my own home.

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