Spending my time wisely

When we have longer breaks (as opposed to a three-day weekend) I like to create a To Do List and see how much gets done. So, adhering to tradition, I did just that when we started Spring Break — which had been lengthened because my trip to Lisbon was cancelled — but then Spring Break because Most of Second Semester which became Summer Vacation. I, like most people, Worked From Home and Zoomed and Socially Distanced. And got a lot of other things done:

Listening Miscellaneous
  • Updated family trees for both my mother and my father's side
  • Wrote letters to friends and family
  • Sorted through nearly three years of weekend newspapers and read the still interesting parts
  • Sorted through three years of four different magazines and read the interesting parts
Watching (aka #TooManyStreamingServices)
  • Requim
  • Ballykissangel (rewatch)
  • Lucifer
  • Marcella
  • Belgravia
  • Bancroft
  • London Kills
  • New Blood
  • Dead Lucky
  • From Darkness
  • Suspects
  • Rillington Place
  • Deep Water
  • Sondheim at 90
  • Dix pour cent (Call My Agent)
  • The Heart Guy (aka "Doctor, Doctor")
  • Warrior Nun
  • Party Tricks
  • The Good Fight
  • Hitmen
  • Black Books
Work Related
  •  Not quite at "inbox zero" but pretty darn close
And, of course, reading.  And blogging.

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