Too many causes

As at most schools, students at MPOW were quite upset by the George Floyd murder (and the other murders, including Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Aubery) that led up to the current Black Lives Matters protests.  Because of COVID there was a feeling of disconnect and distance from the school forming an official response, and students felt that.  They also felt as though the school had a lotquite a lot—of work to do to be anti-racist and fully accepting of BIPOC in our community.  Yes, they've also started one of those Black@ Instagram accounts.

One of their suggestions/requirements to show that this work was being done was virtually demanding that the school and individual faculty donate to BLM causes (defense funds, etc.).  Now, I'm not against that but... there are a lot of worthy causes out there and I have limited discretionary funds to donate.  

For example, I've donated to organizations that are working to ensure that all students who used to rely on public schools for free meals can get those meals while schools are closed.  I've donated to help artists get funding for basic life things (like food and rent) while they are out of work because theatres and concert stages and other venues are now closed.  Some people may feel donating to medical institutions is critical.  Others may believe that the best way to help is to donate to political organizations and candidates.  

That's not to see these causes are more worth than those causes, or whatever causes you feel are important. It is to say that requiring donations to a specific cause or concern as a token that you care about that case (or "donate or be cancelled") isn't fair.  

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