My first 100 days

Dear Vice President Biden, 

I'm not running for President of the United States, and I'm not a paid political consultant (nor do I play one on tv).  I am a voter, and a concern citizen.  I'd like to offer you some suggestions for what would be an amazingly accomplished first 100 days:

  • Tighten up the Hatch Act.  Currently, supervisors are expected to set out consequences for violations and we've seen how well that works.  Make it a law, punishable by a stiff fine.  
  • Enact legislation that ensures that everyone working in the West Wing put their investments in a blind trust or divests completely.  Up until now that's been "best practice" but not enforcable.
  • Ensure that anyone who cannot pass security clearance tests does not get it; the president should be able to override it for an issue or a document, but not so that someone can get a job without it.
  • Work with the DOJ to craft legislation that puts a pause on any criminal action that cannot be prosecuted due to the statue of limitations running out.  If someone flees the jurisdiction or gets elected to office, the clock stops ticking until they can be prosecuted.
  • Rejoin the WHO and other organizations; re-sign the Paris Climate Accord.
  • Spend time - a lot of time - reassuring our allies and alliances that we're still America and we're still reliable.
  • Begin the process of examining the regulations that have been recently discarded.  Maybe some of them don't need to be reenacted, but some probably do.
  • Have a robust hiring office looking for qualified people to restaff the various departments that have seen a huge brain drain.  
  • While you're at it, don't reward large donors or political allies with positions unless they have real world qualifications (for example, the Secretary of Labor should have worked in the corporate world; the Secretary of Education should have been a classroom teacher at some point)
Try working with the leadership of both parties.  Getting bipartisan support for any of this is critical for its success.  

Oh, and another thing.  Don't engage the other campaign.  They're looking for you to make mistakes and to use them in their campaign.  Far more effective would be just ignoring the slings and arrows (and it will drive them nuts).

Good luck,

A Lazy voter

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