An Anti-Social Butterfly

Back when I was in Junior High (in SmallVillage, the closest schools were K-3, 4-6 for elementary, 7-9 for junior high and 10-11 for senior high) I had a brief flirtation with wanting to be like everyone else.  By nature and, in some ways, nurture, I was happiest with usually one other friend (Hi K!  I hope you, your kids, in-laws and grandkids are doing well with this COVID craziness), the kids across the street, or with my books, reading.  But after K moved, things changed and, well... I tried.

Now, I don't want you to think I was friendless or a pariah, it's just that I wasn't all that socially inclined.  But there were people I'd seen every week, sometimes more than once a week, at either ballet class (don't laugh - I took ballet for eight years) or in Sunday/Saturday School at Temple, as well as classmates with whom I felt comfortable.  However, compared to my sister, who had so many friends and playdates that staying home was considered a serious punishment, I was, well... a loner.

Every fall our Temple had a weeklong sale of used and donated stuff, and my grade took over running the used clothing "booth".  We had fun joking around, selling and stocking and arranging, and because we all went to the same school, the others would make plans for later that day or the weekend; despite having fun at the time, I never joined in those plans.  One day, amid all that, someone mentioned that another friend was the definition of a social butterfly while I was the "anti-social butterfly."  I was neither insulted nor shocked.

Years - ok, decades - have passed and I am still naturally an "anti-social butterfly" and I'm ok with that.  I have friends that I talk to and spend time with (or, in this moment, Zoom with), but I'm just as happy, if not more, to be home with The Herd and Mt. Bookpile.

I've been reading a lot of articles and seeing videos and television snips about dealing with the isolation and feeling of being removed from society.  All I can think is that the previous 50+ years have been training for just this moment and that for all anti-social butterflies out there, this is our moment!  Let's grab it and celebrate how prepared we are.

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