When fears come (partially) true

Nearly ten years ago I realized that I'd have to do something about The Collection.  It pained me to admit that yes, I had a problem.  That I was a philobibblian who also craved a sense of minimalism.  So I decided to release books that - to use Marie Kondo's phrase - no longer brought me joy.

The criteria I used was based on the following imaginary premise:
  1. We were in the middle of a pandemic (remember the H1N1 virus?) and
  2. Publishing had ceased due to
  3. Everyone being quarantined indefinitely
Given those parameters, and excluding Mt. Bookpile, would I reread this particular book?

For nearly half of The Collection, the answer was "nope.  not gonna happen."  Since then, I've been pretty careful with what goes into The Collection and those books that don't go into the Read and Release Program.

And now, here comes COVID-19 gathering steam...

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