Always funny

Ok, maybe it's not funny to anyone else, but I read Terry's review of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and it made me smile.  Not for the obvious reasons, however.

I'm old enough to remember when the original film was released, although I wasn't old enough to see it (still haven't, all these years later).  My generation, those who remember the movie or, at least, the title, have treated it as something of a joke

However, in my family, it was more than a joke.  You see, ten years before the movie, my parents had gotten married.  Mom, trying to play match maker, had paired up her two brothers with two sisters she knew from college.  And here's where the funny part comes in.  You see, my uncles were named Bob and Paul.  And those two sisters were Carol and Alice.  So in my family, to me at least, the title was Bob & Carol & Paul & Alice.

As I said, YMMV on the funny.


Finding Balance

On the minus side:
  • It’s been 20 years since pain led to the discovery of osteoarthritis in my lower back
  • It’s been 18 years since my gall-bladder was removed
  • It’s been 17 years since a two-year bout of mono left me with chronic fatigue
  • It’s been 10 years since I was told that the lack of cartilage in my knees meant that in another three years, I could have knee replacement surgery (both are still original equipment)
  • It’s been four years since CRION became part of my life
  • It’s been one year since my mother died

On the plus side:
  • It’s been 40 years since I met Thing Three, 38 since I met Thing Two, 32 since I met Thing One and 14 since I met Thing Four - someThings are just right
  • It’s been 31 years since my first cat chose me as his human and nine catchildren later I can’t imagine life without them
  • It’s been 26 years since my first library job
  • It’s been 22 years since I joined TheReadersVine and met friends like Aravis, Camillofan, Wyndham, Ponderable and Puffin
  • It’s been five years since I moved back to my hometown.
  • It’s been two years since the CRION stabilized.

Overall, I’d say the pluses outweigh the minuses.  Yes, the latter are mostly physical ailments. But the friendships, catcuddles, job satisfaction and sense of belonging outweigh all the minor aches and severe pains.

At the start of another trip around the sun, it’s good to remember that.


My #GirlDad

My sister and I are adopted and my mother once told me that at about the time they were preparing for her arrival word also came that there was a boy available, two weeks older than my sister. They felt that two young’uns at once would be too much, plus the age difference would make birthday celebrations odd. Later, I wondered if my father ever regretted having two daughters, rather than a son.

Reflecting, I thought better of that. Dad didn’t miss having a son because he didn’t think about the difference in traditional ways. For example:

  • When I was six, he got a Heathkit color tv and taught me to solder so I could help build it.
  • He taught me basic carpentry and together we made an end table for my bedroom. Then he bought me a child’s carpentry kit, complete with plane, which he taught me to use.
  • We would watch Celtics games together, eating peanuts (he’d even let me sip his beer).

He never let me or my sister think that there was anything we couldn’t do or achieve in any endeavor. Just this past weekend he said that we’d both grown up to be strong, capable and assertive women. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of any #girldad?