2019 Year-End Reading Round-Up

Another year with 305 books read, just barely going over the goal of 300 for the year.  Reviews are over at the reading blog, but again some didn't get reviewed because they were either picture books I "read" for MPOW's Mock Caldecott, while others fell into the "you can't talk about this" category for the Book Award Committee.

So... here's the 2019 reading analysis (2018 numbers in parens):
number of books read in 2019: 305 (305)
best month: August/50 (December/59)
worst month: April/15 (January/15)
average read per month:  24.4 (24.4)
adult fiction as percentage of total: 20 (14)
children's/YA fiction as percentage of total:  18 (18)

Advance Readers Copies: 257 (163)
e-books: 0 (0)
books read that were published in 2019: 256 (4)
books that will be published in the 2020: 36
five star reviews (aka "Must Read"):  30 (21)
one star reviews (aka "DNF"): 11 (11)

While Mt. Bookpile was 255 this time last year, it's at 278  now.  And that's not counting books I can't talk about!  Goal for 2020?  300 books again.  And a hope that I can read more from Mt. Bookpile (maybe 50?) than I do ARCs.  We'll see!

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No "New Years Meme" this year? ;-) I finally posted mine.