Notes from Mt. Bookpile

The second half of the year hasn't been bad for reading.  I caught up (and then passed) my annual goal over the summer, giving me some breathing room for the rest of the year.  Between work and vacations, three-day weekends and Winter Break, I've managed to stay on target.  Here's to a great next year of reading.


  • A ¡Vamos! Let's Go to the Market, Raul Gonzalez III
  • The Full House and the Empty House, LK James
  • Vroom!, Barbara McClintock
  • Sea Bear, Lindsay Moore
  • Bear Came Along, Richard T. Morris
  • Hey, Water!, Antoinette Portis
  • My Papi Has a Motorcycle, Isabel Quintero
  • Who Wet My Pants?, Bob Shea
  • You Are Home, Evan Turk
  • A Stone Sat Still, Brendan Wenzel
  • Elvis Is King!, Jonah Winter

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Speculative Fiction

A Year Since

This time last year, my mother was still alive... barely.  In another hour, she wouldn't be alive any longer.

Since then, my father has taken baby steps into a life without her.  Since then, my sister and I have adjusted to talking about "Dad" rather than "Mom and Dad".  Since then, we've all had time to think about how much we miss her and how we connect without her around.

I'll just put this here, as a brief reminder of what a year is.  Trite?  Sure.  But still meaningful.