Notable Quotes

Yu's voice dips even lower.  "Because it seemed an obvious solution.  It made both the emperor and the people think something was being done.  And we have all, at some point, confused doing something—anything—with actually solving the problem."

The Magnolia Sword by Sherry Thomas


Post 3000?

In December 2006, after around two years of blogging, I hit 1000 posts.  I took another six and a half years to hit post number 2000.  And now, six years later, there have fewer than 200 posts.  It's not that life is less exciting, or there's less to blog about.  It's that I'm tired all the time, thanks to the exciting combination of EBV and CRION.  I'm reading for committees or collection development, and I do blog most of my reviews (nearly 1400 reviews posted since then, and over 2000 books read!).  Work gets in the way.  Losing my mother got in the way (and then some).

Will I make it to 3000?  Does it even matter?


Too late

I confess that I have far too many email accounts to monitor, but there's one that is kind of special: my shopping email account.  It's one I only check when I've ordered something online and having it keeps my real emails clear from shopping spam.  Because I had to order some new warm tights for the cooler months I've been checking the account and today, I found this:

Seven years ago?  Okay.

It wasn't until the hack that I realized that Zappos was now part of Amazon's encroaching empire. I've ranted here before about the way Amazon can reach into your Kindle and remove books, or how they manipulate pricing and what results you see when you search for an item.  Not to mention the problems it causes for infrastructure when people don't buy from local, bricks-and-mortar vendors (think pollution, fewer local taxes paid, and shuttered storefronts).  Or the way workers are treated.

There are other places to shop, including online.  If I need shoes I can avoid Zappos by going to a shoe store OR I can go to several websites and order there.  It's a definite choice to avoid Amazon and I'll confess to being just a little judgy about those who still use it (sorry, the "but the discount!" excuse doesn't wash).

This 10% "gift" is seven years too late to matter, and many years too late for me to want to support their owners.


Strange Conversations

Last night, because I would be working a little late, the decision was made for Thing One not to wait for his dinner.  When I'm on my way home I usually call and say I'm leaving work - last night, because it was chilly, I asked for a cup of tea (it takes about 20 minutes for me to get home so it's easy to time these things).  When I walked in, it was clear that the previous day's pizza was being reheated for dinner.

Me (sniffing):  Did you put garlic on your pizza?

Thing One: Yes, why?

Me: I can smell it.

Thing One: Lemongrass and cinnamon

Me: On your pizza???

Thing One (laughing hysterically): No! In your tea (continues laughing)


Notable Quotes

"Hmmm." Eleanor sipped her tea. "And perhaps that's why I don't care for social media.  I've found that in the heat of a conversation, people sometimes say things that they may mean but would never utter if given another moment to think.  Social media takes that away... hesitation, I suppose you might call it.  That moment of contemplation.  When I write a letter — any letter, for business or personal, I think about what I want to say. Then I reread the letter to make sure that my meaning is clear.  If I'm upset about something, I'll sit on the letter for a day to make sure I want my feeling on the matter known, and how I want to come across.  Civil society requires civility.  It requires individuals to consider the repercussions of their words as well as their actions.  Today I fear people—not just teenagers, who did not exhibit self-control even in my day—rarely consider the repercussions of anything they do or say."

Poisonous by Alison Brennan