Imponderables revisited

Back in 2004, I mentioned that among Merriam-Webster's Words of the year was defenestration.  At the time, I wondered if there'd been an epidemic that led to it beating out many other words.

What a difference 14 years makes.

Last week, The Guardian had a review of a book about language change, Betrumped: The Surprising History of 3,000 Long-Lost, Exotic and Endangered Words (Edward Allhusen).  Apparently Allhusen lists several words that are "endangered" and, well, defenestration is on that list.



You know that thing you sign when you go to the doctor's, the HIPPA Notice? It's to protect your privacy, so that not just anyone can get your medical information.

I won't give doctors (or many others) my cell phone number - especially after the Vinny episode - so I tell them to call me at home or at work.  There is an answering machine at home, and at work my phone goes directly to voice mail, which goes to email as I'm rarely actually at my desk to take a call.  Even with that, often I'm strongly urged to give my cell number.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.

Thanks to my eye "situation" (luckily, since January it's been 98% nuisance and 2% problem, with much of the problem part due to the medications that keep it at nuisance level) I see far too many doctors.  In October, bloodwork showed that I was anemic and as I had to see my primary care doctor anyway, I  called to make the appointment.  More bloodwork and another specialist visit were recommended, so ok, those appointments were made.  Then I needed to schedule a follow-up with the primary care doctor, which I tried to do via the portal.

This was also just as I saw my neuroopthamologist. So you can imagine how I felt when I got a message at home that I needed to call the doctor ASAP.

I called, a little nervous, only to be told that it was to confirm the follow-up the next week.  When I asked why that hadn't been part of the message, the receptionist mumbled something about HIPPA.  Okay.  Maybe.  Because three days later I got a robocall message on the machine also confirming/reminding me about the visit.

I can't find anything in HIPPA that says humans cannot leave those messages,  but robocalls can?  Stay tuned.