Weather (or not)

Yes, we just started back at work after our two week Winter Break.  But we teachers are just as excited about the possibility of a snow day as the students are, so any time there's the possibility of one we begin to plan and hope.  I've heard of students wearing their pj's on backwards, which is apparently a sure way to ensure a snow day (no teachers have admitted to doing the same, but then, I'm not asking them!).

The possibility of a snowstorm on Christmas turned into a pretty much "meh" event, but then I saw that the next time a large amount of snow was predicted was for December 30th.  Just for giggles, at 7am and 7pm each day I took screenshots of what my weather app said would happen:

That doesn't mean I'm not hoping (ok, praying) for a snow day. Even if we will have only been back at work for one day.

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