I miss my Mom

To treat my CRION, I'm taking immunosuppressants, which is just what you want to be taking when you work for a school filled with coughing, sneezing, sniffling kids.  So it's no surprise that I got a cough.  And when I say "cough" I mean 20-minute coughing fits that left me breathless and with pulled muscles.  It lasted two weeks and only seemed to be controlled by double doses of cough suppressants. 

As I lay there, totally loopy from the medication and weak from the coughing, I started to think about the medicine cabinet of my youth.  Don't ask why I started to think about it, just accept that I did.  And I remembered that Robitussin was always there. along with another syrup I couldn't remember the name of... N-something was as far as I got.

Two years ago, I would have called home and talked with my mother.  She'd know.  Even a year ago there was a chance she'd remember.  But now?  The Alzheimer's has progressed to the point where I know she won't.  And the effort of trying to remember would frustrate her, causing more distress than she deserves.  Sometimes, Mom's still there.  But mostly... not.

I miss my Mom.


Alice in Infoland said...

NyQuil? In my childhood, we had Cheracol - which we later found out was really cherry-flavored codeine.

As we get older, there are so many questions we now want to ask our Moms, and the pain of not being able to do so never really abates.

Get better soon!

Lazygal said...

Actually, it was Naldecon (I remembered!) which does the same thing as Robutussin. No idea why we had both except one was OTC and the other wasn't.