Lazy Thoughts

Reading... Jo Nesbo's The Snowman.  It's a series I've been reading out of order (not sure that matters in this case) and because of the movie it made sense to read this one now.  As mysteries go, there are enough twists and red herrings to keep me interested; as series go, Hole is compelling but he's pretty bleak as a "leading man".

Listening... to Camille O'Sullivan.  Several years ago, Thing Two gave me a CD by Camille, which led me to buy tickets to see a Camille when Thing One and I were in Edinburgh in 2007... turns out, there were two singers using the same name!  Now there's one going by Camille and one going by Camille O'Sullivan.  I've never seen the original, but have seen the "new" one three times, including last week at Irish Arts, where she did an evening of Jacques Brel.

Watching... my DVR'd list grow, while not actually watching much more than some morning news.  Too much to read, to many naps to take and far too much else going on to have the time.  Next month maybe.

Following...  this year's My Simpler Year program and beginning to plan for 2018.  I've already offloaded several "heavy weight" items from my mental and physical lives, but what hasn't gone needs work.

Uncorking... Warwick Valley's Black Dirt Red.  Because I'm out of Henry of Pelham's Baco Noir.

Looking... at leaves turning and enjoying the sights of fall.  Earlier this week I was at NELA and had the extreme pleasure of driving from Boston to Burlington and back - gorgeous.


Culture Vulturing: Three Times Lucky

Many years ago, as a senior in college, I had the opportunity to go to England for Spring Break (yeah, I know - spring. England. Not the warmest place in the world.). Because I'd been there before, I knew that once I got to Oxford, I'd head to the ticket booth to see what I could see during my time there and in London.  One ticket?  "Henry V" at Stratford

The visual experience was stunning.  There was one scene that took my breath away, when the French army, in gleaming gold, silver and copper colors, rises up from below/behind the ragtag English army.  Just gorgeous.  And then there was the relatively unknown lead, a guy named Kenneth Brannagh.  I returned to Oxford and told my mother that I'd seen an incredible actor, one I'm sure would go on to do amazing work.  His Hamlet, which I saw a few years later, was equally great. 

One time lucky.

On a later visit to London, Thing One and I were at loose ends and decided maybe a visit to the opera would be nice.  By complete chance, we managed to get seats to La Traviata.  Which, apparently, is considered one of the greatest productions in modern times.  Now, I hadn't seen this before and I'm certainly not enough of an opera scholar to have known this at the time.  I just knew it was a wonderful evening and that the performances were incredible.  And Angela Gheorghiu? A star was born.

Two times lucky.

Two nights ago I accompanied a friend to the Lyric Opera production of Tosca.  Why?  Her son is in a children's chorus and he'd be appearing in the first act.  Ok.  I'm up for it.  "Buzz" says that the woman portraying Tosca is gonna be big.  What do I know?  I know it was a fun evening.  The production was rather minimal in terms of set, but the performers were not minimal.  And my friend's son may have decided (at the ripe old age of 12!) to become an opera singer.

So, three times lucky.