Lazy Thoughts

Reading... a lot for the adult book award, not so much for the SF List.  And for some reason, three of my favorite mystery writers have released new books now so those are "palate cleansers" in between what's been a raft of bad books.

Listening... to Steely Dan.  Because. Switching to Alison Moyet before her concert next week.

Watching... almost obsessed with, to be honest, the news.  I shouldn't.  It's not healthy.  But I do worry about our survival as a country and as a species.

Following... this advice as school starts up again.

Uncorking... the last of the Henry of Pelham Baco Noir.  Need more.  Anyone going to Ontario and willing to bring me back a case?

Looking... at my apartment and wondering what I can weed/declutter next. Consider it Spring Cleaning, Part III

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