I've blogged before about my dislike for air conditioning. So, at night, I open my windows wide to let in all the good, fresh air (contrary to Thing Two's idea that it's somehow bad for you and To Be Avoided). Which, of course, lets in all the noises. All of them.

The noise that wakes me up at night, several times depending on how my previous day has gone, is the automated sprinkler system the building uses. It goes off at midnight, 4am and 5am. When the sprinkler heads are emerging from the ground, it sounds a lot like wild turkeys flocking (we have those, apparently they live in the graveyard behind our street), and that's what really does the waking. The sprinkling itself is quite nice.

This morning, The Herd woke me early-ish because... I'm not sure. They've been acting up all week. As I lay in bed, I heard the sound of rain, predicted to fall all day. And then, like clockwork, the sprinklers rising from the sodden ground to water the already wet grass.

This morning's imponderable? Why don't automated sprinkler systems have rain detectors? Wouldn't that make sense?

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