Wrong adjective

When I first started driving back in the 70s, I didn't need a car because I was away at school (even when I was in college, because I got to borrow my father's car during class time).  Then I moved to NYC and never thought to buy because NYC.  Renting when needed was a far better option.  Then, 12 years ago, I moved out of NYC to the 'burbs and needed a car.

It was a great experience, finally feeling like an adult: I owned a car.  Shortly thereafter, I also bought a house.  Really racking up those adulting points, right?

Sadly, my car was totalled, so I had to buy a new one.  And because I worked over 30 miles from my home, leasing wasn't an option.  Then I moved to a new school, a new residence and didn't drive more than 10 miles a week (work being a 3.5 minute stroll from my front door), so suddenly leasing was an option.  And there was a sweet trade-in deal, so leasing, here I come.

That was three years ago and the lease was up.  So here I go, putting on my big girl pants and visiting the dealership looking to either buy out the car or lease a new one.  The best part was that the salesguy talked to me, not Thing One (who literally and metaphorically came along for the ride) and was quite helpful exploring options.

The worst part?  The 3.5 hours it took, between the schmoozing, the checking with the credit bureau, the schmoozing, the looking at the current car, etc..  And then came Mr. Business Manager, who schmoozed some more.  In fact, his opening question was, "are you excited?"

No.  I'm not.  I'm not a conspicuous consumption person.  I don't need the Next! New! Exciting! Upgrade!  and that "new car smell" makes me sick.  I need a basic car that will get me to and from work, to and from a few conferences, to and from family, and possibly a day trip or longer vacation.  All those surveys about "if your car were a person, what type of person would it be?" leave me in giggles.  It's a car, people.  It has no personality.  And my self worth is not now, has never been, nor will it ever be determined by the clothes I wear, the car I buy, the neighborhood in which I live, etc..

Was I excited? No.  I was tired.  I was eager to get this process done with.  I was pleased that I was being taken seriously as a customer.  I was annoyed by all the delay and schmoozing.

I get it, salesmen gotta sale.  But please, not around me.  Or if you absolutely must, don't ask if I'm excited.

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