Boxes, Boxes Everwhere

Many, many years ago, my BFF Karen and I used to play Barbies.  As I recall, we weren't particularly good at it, each vying for the fewest, cleanest (dare I say, minimalist?) lives for our gal.  This was in the Buy Everything 1970s, a time when Barbie came as one doll with thousands of potential outfits. 
Fun fact: the house Karen lived in was sold to author Grace Lin's family.  Cool, right?
Anyway, we didn't trade outfits or accessories, we pretty much decided which we had that we didn't want.  Not quite sure why, but we did. 

Flash forward several decades and once again, minimalism is a thing.  I've blogged about it before. This past week, I've been Home Alone and Getting Things Done, including re-weeding my books and looking through my closet and drawers for things to toss or give away.  Here's what's leaving the house as donations to local charity shops or school for sale:

I'm feeling pretty good about this!  

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