Am I your Eyeore?

We all have That Friend - the one who can never find the good, who always seems to have a black cloud over their head.  No one loves them.  No one loved them.  No one will ever love them.  Bad things will always happen to them. They could get a promotion and raise, and somehow it's not a good thing.  You know, like Eyeore. You want to be a good friend, but seeing their name on your phone ID or in an email just makes you mentally cringe and you have to brace yourself before answering or reading.

The past few months have been challenging for me, both in terms of my health and in terms of a family medical crisis.  I've tried to keep a sense of humor about this, tried to make light of things and focus on the good (all those wonderful day trips planned over the summer? gone.  but I did get to read a lot and relax so...).  I really, really don't want to be That Friend. And yet.  And yet.

As many of my friends are, we're starting the school year.  When I've seen colleagues during the Opening Meetings, most haven't known what's happened all summer, and for a few I've told them.  Not because I want their sympathy, but because it's the truth: no, summer wasn't what I'd planned but it was ok and here's why.  Then I started to realize, I was Eyeore:  I had nearly three months off.  I saw Hamilton.  I read so many books (so many!).  I - in perhaps a first for me - finished my Summer To Do List.  I watched a lot of crap tv, political tv (yelled at that a lot, too), movies and episodes of Chopped (don't ask).  Plenty to be thankful for, right?

So, to those readers who have been following My Tale of Woe, I apologize.  I don't want to be That Friend, your Eyeore.  And to those friends who I see as being my Eyeore, I'll try to be more tolerant.

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