Face Value

Because it's summer, and because Prednisone really does start to bring back ever-popular acne, I decided to get a facial.  Now, I've had many over the years in a variety of settings and from a variety of aestheticians.  In other words, I'm no newbie.  Plus, between my daily routine (which includes lots of sunscreen, even in winter, and sunglasses) and genes, I don't look my nearly 55 years.

This time, I was told that I had gorgeous skin.  That I was clearly doing the right things.  But... I should come back every three months for "cell renewal" and every six months for "deep treatment".  Because... I guess I don't look young enough?  I need to do more?  I could be more gorgeous?  The upsell was so strong here that I just knew I'd never be back.

Most places promote products.  I'm happy with what I use, and if I am in the market for something new there are places to go where I can get something that also works, or works better.  But the promotion part I understand and can deal with.  Just say no, right?

When I'm told that I could use "education" and need a rigid regime to keep looking young?  Just Say No.  I'm happy with the way I look... mostly.  The things I'm not happy about, I can live with (and have, for over half a century).  And - most important - looking my age is not a crime.  It shows experience.  It shows a life lived.  It shows I have more to do than worry about things like fine age lines and sagging skin and age spots.

And that's ok.

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