Times have changed

Goodness, it's been a while since I last blogged - sorry about that.  My excuses include too much reading (book award committee; stay tuned), getting a new team settled at work and some health issues.  And I'll strive to do better in the new year.

I'm watching a tv show and they're talking egg nog.  It's one of those seasonal drinks that people feel strongly about, usually in the "I hate it but..." category.  I blame the godawful storebought crap that arrives on shelves sometime after the pumpkin spice crap arrives (sidequestion: WTF is pumpkin spice and why is it suddenly a thing?  just use nutmeg and cinnamon and get on with your lives).

Honestly, it store bought eggnog was my introduction to the drink, I'd stay far, far away, too.  But mine wasn't.  And it's why I know that there's good eggnog out there, especially if you're daring and willing to risk your health (kinda like eating raw cookie dough is a risk).

You see, years ago - decades ago - my parents used to entertain (note; my mother called it "retaliating" and I don't think she was kidding!).  They'd serve that dip that's Lipton's Onion Soup Mix and sour cream.  They'd have Bugles.  And in late December, my father would make the Joy of Cooking's eggnog (recipe here).  Guess who got to be his "little taster"?  Yep.

Remember: things were different back then.  An adult (Dad) giving a >10 year-old (me) alcohol wasn't considered weird or bad.  Nor was uncooked eggs in a recipe.  Such things fill my generation with horror, but my parents' generation?  Not so much.  The routine was, Dad would start the process.  Add some rum.  Give me a taste.  Add more rum.  Another taste.  Etc.  And by the end, I'd probably had at least one or two full drinks of eggnog.  No idea how much rum, or how many raw eggs. (Reader, I lived.)

For some reason this made me tired and kept me out of their hair during the party. Go figure.

Even better, however, was the appreciation it gave me for the real thing: eggnog with alcohol, delicately spiced.  The supermarket stuff has no alcohol and is overly spiced.  Ugh.  I can understand why no one wants to drink it - I avoid at all costs.  But if someone offers me the real thing?  Yes, please.  More, please.

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