Year-End Book Review

309 books read - GOAL MET (goal was 300, so met and surpassed)!  Full disclosure, this would not have happened without the picture books I "read" for MPOW's Mock Caldecott.   For lists and review links, go herehere and here (the totals on the review blog won't match these because I don't add the books I read for professional review or award committees).

And here's the 2015 reading analysis (2014 numbers in parens):
  • number of books read in 2015:  309 (304) 
  • best month: December/46 (tie between March and August/38)
  • worst month: April/13 (April/9)
  • average read per month: 25.75 (25.33) 
  • adult fiction as percentage of total: 17 (18) 
  • children's/YA fiction as percentage of total: 55 (58)
  • Advance Readers Copies: 191 (202) 
  • e-books: 5 (0)
  • books read that were published this year: 249 (233)
  • books that will be published in the coming year: 22 (25) 
  • five star reviews (aka "Must Read"): 30 (20) 
  • one star reviews (aka "DNF"): 15 (17) 
Even better, Mt. Bookpile is at 214, definitely heading in the right direction (last year I vowed to get it below 225)! The problem next year is that not everything can be listed/reviewed for professional reasons, so it may not appear that I'm meeting goal... somehow, I'll have to figure out a way to survive the disappointment. So I'll say "50" as my public reading goal, and 300 as my personal goal.  We'll see how that goes.

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