Lazy thoughts

And with this we inaugurate what will be a monthly post, keeping this blog somewhat aliveThe idea and categories are from this blog.

I'm reading as many YA books as I can in preparation for my adult book award committee work that will start in January.  And at MPOW we have a Mock Caldecott committee going, so I've been reading more children's books than usual (while the Real Committee has a charge that goes up to Age 12, we're focusing only on books that might appeal to third graders).  It'd be nice to think I could clear off all of the Mt. Bookpile books from 2015, but that's not likely - plus I did buy some "reward read" mysteries over Thanksgiving Break that I'm going to parcel out during the coming year.

My tea "collection", almost all purchased at Un Amour des Thes.  What teas? The wonderfully smoky Caravane Russe. An Assam Second Flush. Hojicha Brancha Grille and a Vert Menhe Nanah. Then from Camellia Sinensis, a Macao Scenery that may just be my new favorite.  Many happy cuppas already had, and many more to come.

About work and my staff.  We're short-staffed, about to get shorter thanks to a mid-year departure.  And not everyone is stepping up, taking on more so that we're less stressed and behind.  I'm also thinking about staffing for next year, whether the team I now have is really ready to change the program and move ahead, or if we'll be needing to find new people who can do the necessary work. Some of that is out of my control, while other bits will need real tact and massaging. 

Fewer structured pieces.  I'm losing weight, so replacing them right now seems like a bad idea but as I shrink I'm starting to think about what my color palate and ideal wardrobe will be this time next year.  I'm also thinking about how what I wear to work has changed over the years: at my first school, pants were frowned on for women, while here, jeans are just fine (and don't get me started on bare legs! I'm still not comfortable with that, but it's less of an issue in the winter when woolen tights make my life much better).

Progress with my decluttering (see above re: wardrobe changes) and organizing. There's a nearly full box ready to head to Boomerangs and that's becoming a monthly trek.  I'm also making connections here in my new city and new POW. Life feels pretty full right now!

Winter.  Not last year's record-breaking snow, but it's 60 right now and it's the middle of December.  That's just not right.  Because in December, I have warm apple cider and apple cider donuts cravings and, well... they're just not the same if it's not nearly 30 and I can see my breath.  

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