It's not funny

I've always had a problem with people who casually use the words Nazi and fascist.  It wasn't funny when a popular character on tv was known as the Soup Nazi.  It's not funny when candidates and politicians compare others to fascists or say they're a mini-Hitler.  Those words refer to specific ideologies and a desire to dominate the world by wiping out "lesser" peoples.

And yet...

This summer I read Timur Verme's brilliant satire, Look Who's Back.  There are those who are really uncomfortable with this book, and I get that.  As I said in my review:
I fully understand the uproar over this book and the dismay of many at its popularity. Here's why I gave it such a high rating: having grown up in a survivor community, one that stressed all the times during the long history of the Jews when they were exiled or nearly wiped out of existence, the mantra of "never again" was repeated over and over. Yet at this remove, how someone like a Hitler could rise and start his movement again seems unlikely. Hence The Third Wave. And now this book.

Hitler's arguments about the Volk, self-reliance and how to solve many modern problems seem reasonable. Couple that with his charisma and lack of self-doubt... I never met Bill Clinton, but I've heard his charisma is extraordinary. Imagine if he felt as Hitler did.

So the high rating is less pro-Hitler and more pro-we need to watch out of those who spout these types of solutions, because it could happen again. Oh wait: it has. Rwanda. Bosnia. Sunni/Shia. Hmmm....
The problem is that the solutions are so reasonable.  We have a horrible disparity between the rich and poor, jobs are leaving the country and businesses are suffering.  What could be more reasonable than to Make American Great Again by getting rid of those thieves, murderers and rapists who are responsible for this - and while we're at it, let's get rid of anyone who really doesn't belong here because they didn't come through traditional immigration channels?  It's only reasonable.   And we're under attack by people who don't share our religion, who want to harm our country.  It's war, right? So it's it reasonable to prevent all of "them" from being here in the Homeland?  Let's just deport them. It's only reasonable.  Right?

That there's a major candidate, a bit of a buffoon who makes these outrageous statements and virtually no one in the mainstream media is calling this what it is isn't funny.  That people agree with these ideas and suggestions isn't funny.

You know what they way about people who haven't learned from history, right? 

I suspect we're already doomed.

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