Maybe it's me?

Over the weekend a student mused about the existential question, "who am I?" - he was talking about things like college essays, not some teenage identity crisis. I've been thinking about the same thing because, well, some things have been happening that make me wonder if I'm some sort of jinx or should be paid to stay away from work.

Ok, so, you all know that one library I worked with burned down and another had a leak, right?  Well, actually it was three of five libraries that have had leak issues (two roof leaks - one of those roofs was supposedly solid concrete! - and one burst pipe) and one did burn down.  And all while I was working there. 

Then there's the Head problem.  Three of the five Heads I've worked with have had either grave loss and time off this year, or have taken time off for health/family reasons.  Three of five.  Luckily(?) I wasn't working at those schools at the time, but I kinda gotta think that the others might be a little nervous.  If they knew, of course.  Because I'm sure not telling them!

Thing is that I really do like my job.  I've liked my previous jobs.  I've liked most of the Heads I've worked with.  I've liked that schools I've worked in.  So what is it about me?

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