Grumble Millennials Grumble

Yes, I'm an old fogey and getting older by the minute.  The past week just proves it.

Saturday I attempted to dine at Sonic.  "Attempted" means that I pulled my car into the bay, thought about the menu and planned my meal, and pressed the Big Red Button.  Ten minutes later, Jeremy asked me to wait a minute.  Five minutes after that, my Big Red Button turned off and I pressed it again.  It turned off, I re-re-pressed it.  The car in the next bay got their meal, and Thing One asked if Jeremy was even still working there.  The waitress said she'd talk with him.  Five minutes after that, another waitress appeared... with another car's meal.  We left.  No one working in that Sonic was over 25.

Sunday, while shopping, I attempted asking a question about a product.  The young'un in charge of that area was so involved with her texting that I gave up.

At a recent workshop, one of the self-described Millennial stated that she did not feel that corporate hierarchy was rigid, that she would frequently go talk to her boss' boss without fear (or notifying her boss).  That's all well and good, but there are sometimes reasons why one should follow the chain.  (Aside: this is often also the attitude of those who grew up defying The Man during the 60s).

I don't mind younger people, honestly.  I do mind that there is a certain level of politeness and consideration that seems to be lacking, that they seem uncomfortable dealing with others in any manner than online (or at some remove).  Is it too much to ask that people in the service industry, you know, serve?  Or that when you're sitting at a table with younger colleagues (and by younger, read "young enough to be your children") they make polite conversation or - at the very least - they acknowledge your existence?

Or am I just too old?

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