Every five years, for the past 35, I've been getting together with my high school classmates (not all 105 of them, but as many as 30 at a time).  It's called Reunion, and this weekend is my 35th.  Gulp.

For the past few times, we've gotten together in one big sharing circle and talked about where our lives are, what we're proud of and unsure about.  So I've been thinking about what's going on now, what was going on five years ago, and how I feel about all that.

Overall, I have to say, life is pretty good.  Yes, there's the acedia to deal with, and no, my job isn't giving me the satisfaction and warm fuzzies I'd like to have.  My health is better than it was in my 40s, but my parent's health is on a downward slope.  Financially, things are not great thanks to the albatross is the House I Own But Don't Live In (that better change by this time next year!) but they're far from dire.  My friendships are good, solid friendships; my culture vulturing has lessened but that's ok as I can't do late nights as much as I'd like.  Reading? Well... as of right now I'm 3 books behind on my 2015 goal (a couple of good weekends should take care of that).  But overall?  Can't really complain.

Go me!


Send in the trolls...

Time and time again, I see something in the news (or on the web) and have thoughts that run seemingly countercurrent to what prevailing opinion is - sometimes it's my belief/values that are different, sometimes by virtue of age and having seen it before, sometimes because who has the energy to get that worked up over something.  And each time I think, "I'm going to blog this!"

But then I think of the trolls.  I'm sure there are those who would defend my position and thoughts, but the trolls would also be there.  And who needs trolls?  It used to be that you could relatively safely share your opinion and people would either read and agree or read and disagree or read, disagree and stop reading in a huff.  But now it's like everyone feels entitled to comment, and not just on the opinions but on the person.  They're entitled to issue death threats, or make comments about rape, or my looks, or my intelligence, or simply be so nasty that Mean Girls look like Mother Theresa.  I read stories (or hear about books like So You've Been Publicly Shamed) and wonder what the hell is wrong with our society when this is normal.

Who needs that?  I'm too damn old to be dealing with childish interactions, but I'd be forced to.

One such troll, several years ago, forced me to turn on comment moderation.  Doesn't help that I knew who it was, that I could ask them to stop.  It could happen again, right?  And from someone I don't know.

That's part of the reason blogging has been so light, while my head has been filled with thoughts about so many things going on.  Maybe the thing to do is to take this private, so I could comment, knowing that those of you who chose to follow and interact would be respectful - even while disagreeing.  Maybe...


Things that go snort in the night

As a rule, I'm a very light sleeper.  My father's snoring, heard through the double wall of closets, could keep me up.  Thing One and Thing Two snore horribly, leading to separate bedrooms and sleepless nights.  My sister reported that at times, when we shared a room/bed, she'd check to see if I was still alive because I was so quiet and still.

For a very long time I've known that if I'm lying on my back, I make distressing noises.  Imagine my chagrin to learn that - only at times when my sinuses are stuffed - those distressing noises can come when I'm on my side.  Last month, while on vacation (in my favorite city) not only did I make those noises but... I kid you not... yelped.  I woke myself up, but also woke up poor Thing One.  Yelping.  In my sleep.  Five times.

This morning, during my post-Herd feeding snooze, I heard snorting.  It wasn't coming from my Big Boy...

No wonder I need a nap.  And earplugs.


Notes from Mt. Bookpile

No foolin' - 77 books read this quarter.  Apparently I'm keeping up with my 2015 goal, but there may be a Big Life Change later this year so who knows what will actually happen.  You know where to go for reviews, right?

Children's/Young Adult