Losing the will...

No, not entirely, but I have spent the past week wondering Why Me???

 We've been out on Spring Break since the 11th (yes, it's a nice, long break) and the first week was great. I got to spend time in my favorite city, saw some F/friends, and then WHAM. It hit. Three days of 100+ fever. Laryngitis. Cough. Sleepless nights due to cough. Fuzziheadedness due to lack of sleep.

My entire second week of Break, felled by flu.  Couldn't visit with friends.  Couldn't concentrate.

And now, tomorrow I face the reality that is work.  Back to dealing with students and projects and people.  Hoping that I'm healthy enough to make it through the day.  Hoping that I don't relapse.

And really being cranky that my break was truncated by this stupid cold.  It's almost enough to make me wish we hadn't had break at all.


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Murphy Jacobs said...

At least there is no guilt and no missed deadlines....