Yesterday it finally happened: a friend "tagged" me on Facebook, challenging me to do the #ALSicebucketchallenge. I untagged myself. He retagged me. I responded, "thanks... but I'm not doing it, nor am I paying the 'penalty' and donating $100."

Yeah, I'm a horrible person. I clearly don't care about those suffering from ALS (aka "Lou Gherig's Disease"). I'm selfish. And now, all his friends on Facebook know that.

Except... I don't wear pink. I do donate, just to other causes. A one-shot, one-year donation might help, but it does penalize those other causes. The Globe & Mail has an op-ed on why you shouldn't do the challenge, and it's definitely worth a read. That's part of my reason.

And, as stated earlier, there are other places I donate to, and while this is a worthy cause, what makes it worthier than those? And how dare anyone weigh one charity's worth against another?

Here's the other thing: it's so very, very public. Which means that if I wanted to tag any number of my friends or relatives, I couldn't because - gasp! *faint* - they're not on social media. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Vine, no Pinterest. Nothing. Virtually no digital footprint because, unlike librarians, their jobs don't "require" them to be Visible and Out There. How could they possibly participate if it's not public, if they can't be seen to participate? (think tree falling in forest...)

I come from a family that feels giving back is important (my great-grandfather started the tradition, and I think all of us have kept it up to one degree or another). Even when I was young, it was expected that we give every week (from our allowance - which really did mean we weighed the value of the donation vs. what else we wanted to do with the money). As I've grown older, I've found several causes that are near and dear to me and I've continued the tradition. Beyond a mention (sometimes) in the annual report, I don't expect any fuss - I've even stopped one large, family-driven donation from being a "named" gift - because that's not why I give.

So on two levels, I just can't. And please, think twice (or more!) about tagging your friends. Don't shame them into doing this.

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