My home library - the meme (part three)

Per Philosophy MomFound this on thremma 's journal; she evidently swiped it from wendelah1 , who found it on this Tumbler (where it seems to have originated). It has 30 questions and appears, from the original instructions, to be intended for use over the course of a month. [Said instructions:"You can do all of them, but feel free to skip a number if you don’t own any books relevant to the day’s prompt (just replace it with an idea of your own). Take a picture, write down the stories attached to the book(s) in question, go nuts!"]

Part one... part two...

13. Best bargain: As a librarian who gets many, many ARCs, I'll have to go with "getting my MLS/becoming a school librarian"

14. Most recent purchase: That's easy, especially since I don't purchase too many books (thank you publishers for the ARCs!): Vader's Little Princess.  Cute and very worth it.

15. Favorite lay-out design: What a difficult question to answer!  I can tell you that certain designs drive me BSC: take those old paperback "classics" of the 70s/80s, with the thin paper and too-small type, or books with endnotes that are difficult to find.  And trim size on YA non-fiction books!  But "favorite" eludes me, perhaps because I'm an omnivore reader, so what works well in fiction may not work as well in non-fiction, or what works in a good "how-to" book doesn't work in a cookbook, etc.

16. Book you bought because of the title: See the answer to #14 above - there are probably a few others, but again, because I get so many books from publishers (some with cool names, some without) actually buying books is not something I tend to do.

17. Book you bought because of the cover design: Can't say I've ever done that, but I do know that I recoil from designs that are too derivative (like those Jane Austen books that got "Twilight Saga" covers).  And blurbs.  If there are too many, or the buzzword du jour is there ("luminous" is one of those) I'm likely to actively avoid the book.

18. Multiple translations of the same work: None. The stuff I read in French I don't own in English, and I don't really know any other languages.  As for "works translated into English", I'm not enough of a scholar to own different versions of, say, The Iliad, for comparison purposes.

19. Multiple copies of the same work: The only one that springs to mind is the Lord of the Rings series (and The Hobbit).  There's the 1970 paperbacks, now falling apart, and a newer edition bought by Thing One because he was too nervous to read the older ones.  In the Great Book Purge of 2012-3 all other duplicates were donated.

20. The funniest book you own: Seriously?  I've got comic strip collections like Doonesbury and Bloom County, essays by Dave Barry and Art Buchwald, authors like Terry Pratchett and Wodehouse in my collection.  You choose.  I dare ya.

21. The most expensive book you own: I have no idea.  Possibly one of the Chalet School books I bought used?  Or the American Heritage Dictionary? But with inflation, and scarcity, to also factor in, I have no idea.

23. A book you read so many times that it fell apart: The only one I can think of is Martha Gripe's Hugo and Josephine.  Here's the problem: some are falling apart not because I read them so frequently but because they're 40+ year old paperbacks.

24. A book you think everyone should read:  I just can't do that without doing more of a Reader's Advisory interview.  Professional ethics, dontchaknow.

25. A book that made you cry: Any book were animals are mistreated or the like.  Most recently? Mort(e).

26. A book you would prescribe for an aspiring author: To me it would very much depend on what genre they want to write.

27. A cover design you hate: See answer to #17 above.

29. Favorite book from your childhood: Depends on how young you want me to be: Richard Scarry's books were faves when I was really young, ditto Good Night, Moon.  A little older? Up A Road Slowly and Hugo and Josephine and Journey from Peppermint Street and... and...

30. The book with the most pages in your collection: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.  Probably.

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