Happy Belated!

Whoops!  I've been a little distracted and my ten year blog anniversary passed me by.  Ten years.  Ten.

This blog has changed and morphed, and I'm still unsure about the direction it will (or should) take.  Long-time readers have read about my political rants, culture vulturing, books, cats (and loss of two, Lulu and Bogie), the Things in my life, job stuff and, well, just about everything including my blood pressure.

Just compare July 2004 to July 2014.

So here's your opportunity to weigh in: what do you want to read about?  DO you want to continue reading?


Wendy Stephens said...

Your blog is perfect as is! Just keep it up. Congratulations on that big anniversary!

Jandy said...

Your musings are enjoyable. You already have a focused blog for your book reviews. Your wanderings keep me pulled out of my own little life. Continue!